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Arcade Games

Customized game rentals are something that can make your party extremely entertaining & personal. The best Pinball Machine Rentals can give customers in Jacksonville a certain amount of nostalgia.

Pacman is a great game that you still can talk about as one of the first and best arcade games. College kids still play that game today. The glowing mazes are quite intense! A Touch-Tunes machine can definitely get the party started in Tampa.

When you are asking about arcade game rentals, check out the game Magnotron in Orlando. You will end up really enjoying this four player game, one that was originally created in 1974. You can get a quick and easy quote on Pinball Machine Rentals for your birthday party. If both individuals happen to be gamers that like to have fun, you may want to play some pinball in Miami for an anniversary party. The fact of the matter is that the whole party would have fun playing the pinball game.

Is there a dude at your frat party claiming to be a pinball wizard? Our video game rentals certainly can give the chance for people to put their play where their mouth is. Las Vegas, Florida or anywhere in-between, Absolute Amusements is the place to go for all your party rentals.

  • Wii Rentals

    We have a large selection of Wii games available for rent. Add our Wii stations to a kid zone or for adults in a lounge area at your next corporate event, private

    Table Top Arcade Game, Multi Game Table Top Arcade,

    Table Top Arcade Game

    Perfect for any event! Add it to your next corporate event or Trade Show Booth. 
    Our Table Top Arcade Games are perfect for any trade show booth or private event. Have

  • 60-1 Classic Arcade Game

    Our 60-1 Classic has 60 of the best arcade games you could want. The arcade game is great for those who want to entertain their guest at a private social gathering or

    Skiing – Alpine Racer

    The Alpine Racer Arcade Game is a Skiing simulation video game with a interactive ski feel. Come join the pros on the slopes and see how your skills measure up. There are

  • Big Buck Hunter

    Big Buck is a popular arcade video game. A shooting game where the player uses a pump-action shotgun and hunts deer and elk in various terrains in The United States and Canada.


    Complete with the original programming that gave Pac-Man such a distinctive, groundbreaking feel, the game recreates the glowing maze, pac dots, ghosts, and yellow chomping hero in exacting detail. Buttons provide authentic

  • Pinball Machines

    Pinball Machines are one of the most popular amusements available today! Challenge yourself to the thrill of the silver ball as it charges its way through tunnels, over ramps and into mysterious


    Check out this TouchTunes jukebox. Add your favorite music for the ultimate experience at your next event.