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Nightime Summer Event Ideas | Custom Branded Airstars | Corporate Event Lighting

Summer is here and that means night time events! Many hotel venues lack adequate lighting for their pool decks or just don’t have the right type of lighting. Not to mention getting lighting from your AV company can be quite expensive. If you’re planning a corporate event in Orlando, Las Vegas, or surrounding areas and looking for a lighting solution that is cost effective and beautiful then look no further.

Custom Branded Airstar Rentals

Every client is looking for that extra special touch that makes the event theirs and we have that with our custom branded Airstar Rentals. Add any of our Airstar products to your next night time event. With several different options including our AQUASTAR pictured below you can turn an ordinary pool deck into a colorful landscape.





Outdoor Event Lighting

Green Spandex Truss Towers for your next event decor lighting rental in Orlando, Miami, Las VegasWe also offer a full range of event lighting including string lights and led truss towers (pictured on left) for all your outdoor event needs. Don’t settle for a colorless event add some life with our outdoor event lighting options.

If you are looking for airstar rentals in Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, or surrounding areas then give us a call! Don’t forget we can also offer custom Airstar Rentals on pretty much everything in stock. Add your companies logos or graphics for a seamless event.