22 Person Foosball | Giant Foosball Table

Our 22 Person Foosball table is perfect for your next event because it takes this classic, lovable game to an entirely new level. Foosball is a miniature soccer field at your fingertips! Players control the ball by manually twisting the handles on each side of the game. Experienced players line up the ball in front of the little soccer players and with a twist of the wrist send the ball soaring into the opponent’s goal. Bring on a whole new competition, because with this giant 22 Person version of the foosball table you can get a large number of guests involved in the excitement of the game. Let’s get to kickin’ it!

The 22 person foosball can also be LED with Bluetooth controlled lights. The cost is slightly more to rent the 22 person LED foosball but worth every penny!