Combat Sports

Are you looking for interactive activities that will give your events the pop that they need in Tampa? Well, then you have found the perfect place. Absolute Amusements has the perfect Interactive Combat Sport Game Rentals that will give your Jacksonville event the literal punch that you were looking for.
We have Boxing Game rentals and KO Punching Bag rentals available from both our Las Vegas and Orlando warehouses.

These interactive games really pack a wallop when it comes to their impact. KO Punching Bag tests your strength based off of how hard you can hit. Now is your chance to see who really throws the nastier punch.

For the boxing fanatics in Miami we have a variety of interactive boxing games. You and your guests can choose to play wheel of boxing which awards a prize at the end, or everyone can go a round in our fake boxing ring which gives a great opportunity for pictures. We even have Wii boxing so even the most unathletic person can have their opportunity in the ring.

If Interactive boxing is not your thing then check out a variety of other amusements and entertainment rentals we have available on our website.

  • VR Boxing

    Step into the ring with our VR Boxing. Jab, duck, dodge and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. Grab your gloves and step into this immersive virtual reality

    Wheel of Boxing

    This great boxing machine gives players the joy of boxing, but the game also guarantees the winner a prize! It is based on the idea of the hit TV game show called

  • This is our arcade game rental dragon punch available for your corporate reception or party

    KO Punching Bag | Dragon Punch

    The Dragon Punch punching bag is the ultimate attraction in new high tech strength testing games. Step up and take a swing! The harder you hit the bag the higher the score

    Fake Boxing Ring

    Includes rope and corner posts. Optional stage can be added.

  • Full Size Boxing Ring

    Are you doing a corporate event and need a full size boxing ring as a stage? Doing an exhibition match for fundraising? Our Official Boxing Ring rental is the real deal!


    Boxing Ring Bells

    Authentic boxing ring bell.

  • Life Size like rockem sockem boxing ring.

    Robotic Boxing

    Life Size Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robotic Boxing

    This GIANT version of the classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots game is a great addition to any event. Our Robotic Boxing uses a

    Wii Boxing

    Wii Boxing is all new when you grab a Wii Remote controller in one hand and a Nunchuk controller in the other and step back into the ring with a modern update