Team Sports

Whether you are planning a team outing in Fort Lauderdale, a morale booster in Tampa or a celebratory party in Jacksonville, let Absolute Amusements be your first stop for entertainment rentals.

Our Batting Cage and Home Run Derby Rentals are the perfect rentals for your baseball, softball or little league team.

The Home Run Derby is an interactive game that lets everyone play in a life-size stadium. Your team can feel the excitement as they swing for a home run in our Interactive Home Run Derby. They can try to knock it out of the park using real equipment and feel like they are part of the game. Everyone can be part of the Tampa Bay Rays or the Miami Marlins as they swing for a triple in their home stadiums.

Or for something a little strenuous but just as much fun try renting the Arm Chair Quarterback. Whether they play on the team or watch from the sofa, this is the perfect game for everyone as we take armchair quarterbacking to a whole new level. Everyone can try their arm at a QB toss from the comfort of a leather armchair and see if they have what it takes to score a touchdown.

Next time you are planning any event Absolute Amusements is who you want to call we have everything from Las Vegas style entertainment to sport team activity rentals.

  • Turnkey Corn Hole Tournament Rental Packages

    Host a real Cornhole Tournament and let us run it for you!

    If you are hosting an event, company picnic, or any special occasion and want a full cornhole tournament then we

    Hoop It Up Arcade Game Rental

    Two players face off for a head to head competition with multiple playing modes. Compete to see how many baskets you can make before the time runs out. Punch down on the

  • Slap Shot Hockey

    The Slap Shot Hockey rental is a test of skill game perfect for any sports themed party. Doing a winter games themed event? You can have the Slap Shot Hockey rental

    Indoor Basketball Court Rental

    Freestanding Basketball Goal Rental | Indoor Basketball Court Rental

    We offer Free Standing Basketball Hoops, as well as different variations of Indoor Basketball Court rentals.

    Now, you can put a full

  • Dodgeball

    Get ready, set, GO! with our Mobile Dodgeball Arena rentals! Two teams race to the center line for the opening rush. Dodgeball requires skill, strategy, and speed. Bring the sport of Dodgeball

    Virtual Reality Biking | Virtual Reality Bicycles

    Virtual Reality Biking Competitions | Team Building Exercises

    With fitness being more and more important to people, it’s never too late to incorporate a little fitness and competition into your next corporate

  • Virtual Reality Rowing Rental

    Virtual Reality Rowing


    Virtual Reality Rowing Perfect for Team Building Events and Competitions

    Virtual Reality Rowing is the newest in interactive health based fitness. Our Virtual Reality Rowers are perfect for team building and

    Batting Cages

    See what it is like to take some cuts in the big leagues! This full size Batting Cage allows guests to take batting practice using the same equipment that the pros use.

  • Home Run Derby

    Feel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our interactive Home Run Derby. Try to knock one out of the park using real equipment in simulated play. Play in a

    Radar Pitching Cage

    Rent the Baseball speed pitch radar cage for your next party! It will measure how fast you can pitch a baseball. It is the same quality that coaches use for Major League

  • NBA Hoops Arcade

    If it has the NBA logo, you know it’s official. The extremely popular hoop fever basketball game has been recently designed with an all metal and adjustable front cabinet, hardwood floor, NBA

    Shoot N Hoops

    Players shoot as many baskets as they can within the time limit. Add a ticket dispenser to increase the excitement. As a bonus, baskets made during the final seconds are worth 3

  • Digital Leader Board

    If you and your guests are competitive, then you need our Digital Leaderboard for your next event! Keep track of guests’ scores to see who ends up on top and wins the

    Arm Chair QB


    Mechanical Bull Ride Meets Football Toss

    This game is perfect for football fanatics and couch potatoes alike. Try your arm at our Arm Chair Quarterback game. Have a seat in the

  • QB Pass Attack

    Think YOU have what it takes to make first-string? Are you pro material? Could you be a hall-of-fame quarterback? Then suit up and hit the gridiron with our arcade QB Pass Attack

    Split the Uprights

    Step right up and test your skills to see if you have what it takes to be a top rated kicker. See if you can split the uprights in this football kicking

  • Tire Toss

    Tire Toss is a classic game that is a whole lot of fun! Hut one, hut two, HIKE! Send the pigskin flying through the center of one of the tires in this

    UBQB Football Toss

    The UBQB is the best arcade football toss rental around. Feel the pressure of completing a pass under a time crunch. With up to two players at a time guest can compete

  • Chexx Hockey

    You are invited to attend the biggest game of the year; USA vs. Russia! In this popular sports bar amusement, participants control the skaters manually by twisting the handles located on each

    VR Hockey

    Virtual Hockey Game (VR 2 Hockey Game) or Virtual Goalie Game, no matter what you call it, is an immersive interactive video game so intense it is in the Hall of Fame.

  • Kixx Soccer

    ICE’s bubble amusement games are to this day still considered one of the ALL TIME CLASSICS!!!
    Also known as Bubble Soccer, because of the very distinguished, indestructible dome that covers the playfield.

    Euro Soccer | Kapow

    KAPOW! is a game combining elements of soccer, air hockey, and pinball. This is the fastest table game we have ever seen and it is truly addictive. Two or four participants grab

  • Kick It Soccer

    World Cup has nothing on this game. Go one-on-one with the goalie. Each player will kick a real soccer ball that will continue onto the screen and continue play. The ball is

    Soccer Shoot Out

    It’s a fast paced, outrageously cool and fun game for two players and a crowd of spectators. It’s your chance to be the goalie or shoot on your friend. This game delights

  • VR Soccer

    This game is as close to soccer as it gets without incumbent weather or crowds distracting the player. Players begin with a driver looking down the field towards the goal. Infrared sensors

    Scoreboards & Timers

    • Large, ultra-bright 6-inch outdoor-readable LED display can be
    seen at a distance of over 200 feet.
    • 15-channel full-function radio-controlled keypad works over 300 feet
    from scoreboard
    • Displays team scores