Arm Chair QB


Mechanical Bull Ride Meets Football Toss

Arm Chair QB 1

This game is perfect for football fanatics and couch potatoes alike. Try your arm at our Arm Chair Quarterback game. Have a seat in the comfy leather arm chair and throw the pigskin to one of the two players on our large football backdrop. Get the football through one of the holes to show your friends that you’ve got what it takes to go pro! Come one and come all, football fans. Show your friends your Arm Chair QB skills! TOUCHDOWN! This rental is a great addition to a more modern carnival or a sports night for your guests.


What is the overall footprint?
The overall footprint of the football toss game is 15′ x 20′, but with some modifications we can create a custom size that’s just right for your event.

How does the game work?
The contestant sits down on the mechanical chair and straps in. The attendant starts the mechanical program and tosses one football at a time to the contestant. The player has 6 tries to score the ball through one of the holes. Depending on the setup, each hole can be a different point value.

Does it come with an attendant?
Yes, the Arm Chair Quarterback football toss game comes with an experienced attendant skilled in the operation of the game.

Will it fit inside?
Yes! This game was built to go inside. We do require a ceiling height of at least 10′ 4″ for the cage.

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