Table/Recreation Sports

Las Vegas & Orlando are two of the top destinations for Trade Shows or Corporate events, and some of our most popular items at these events are table games such as foosball, air hockey, or pool. And when it comes to these games we only use the highest quality commercial grade equipment for all of our rentals whether its in Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

We are your ultimate rental facility for all things fun. Having a special product release or branding tour we can actually custom brand most of our games to match your event. Take your next trade show booth to another level up when you rent a Foosball or Air Hockey table from us. Enjoy a few good games of pool, without having to layout the quarters or fight with the obnoxious drunks. By visiting Absolute Amusements for your Pool Table Rentals you are guaranteed a hassle free night that will let you and your guests run the balls to your hearts content.

For Foosball, Pool Table, or Air Hockey Rentals in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas give us a call at 800.239.3866 for a quote. We do delivery, setup, and staffing all you need to do is provide the space and the location. We guarantee that you and your guests will have a blast.

  • Outdoor Foosball Table

    Looking to add a touch of competitive excitement to your outdoor event? Look no further than our Outdoor Foosball Table Rental! Get ready to engage your guests in a fast-paced game that

    Pool Table Rentals

    Check out our full size pool table rentals for your next event including the cues, cue rack, pool balls and chalk! Our commercial pool table rentals are full size tables with a

  • Outdoor Pool Table Rentals

    Rent an Outdoor Pool For Your Party

    If you are looking for an Outdoor Pool Table rentals for your next corporate event or private social gathering then give us a call! Our

    Branded Pool Table Rentals

    Our custom branded pool table rentals, also known as billiard tables, can be branded for your next event. Imagine your guests walking into the ballroom and see a fully customized lit up

  • Giant Foosball Table Rental + 8 person foosball table rental + corporate event rentals

    8 Person Foosball | Giant Foosball Table

    Meet the not-so-mini version of our 22 Person Foosball Table. Rent this GIANT Foosball Table that can accommodate up to 8 players. Rent it for your next beach party, corporate event

    LED Air Hockey Rental

    We just took air hockey to a whole new level! Apply custom graphics to the actual play field with our Air Hockey Tables. With a full array of LEDs underneath you have

  • LED Pool Table

    Absolute Amusements offers all kinds of LED games for your next corporate event rental or private social gathering. If you are looking for a game rental that is right for your night

    LED Foosball

    Foosball just got a lot cooler! We offer our LED Foosball tables for rental for any event. Perfect for those evening events outside or inside. Our LED Foosball table can be

  • Standard Foosball Table

    Professional Quality Foosball Table Rentals For Any Event

    Our professional quality Foosball Tables are made by Valley Tornado right here in the USA. This table features height adjustable legs for a level

    Kixx Soccer

    ICE’s bubble amusement games are to this day still considered one of the ALL TIME CLASSICS!!!
    Also known as Bubble Soccer, because of the very distinguished, indestructible dome that covers the playfield.

  • Euro Soccer | Kapow

    KAPOW! is a game combining elements of soccer, air hockey, and pinball. This is the fastest table game we have ever seen and it is truly addictive. Two or four participants grab

    Air Hockey Table Rentals For Parties

    Air Hockey Table

    Air Hockey Rentals For Any Event

    This fast-paced game requires reflexes as well as skill. The puck glides on a bed of air providing low friction and high speeds. Set up a

  • Custom Pool Table Felts

    Take your event to the next level with customized felts for your pool tables. We can customize your felt with with a variety of colors and themes, or add your company’s logo

    Executive Pool Tables

    Everybody loves a good game of pool, so rack ’em up and break! Executive Pool Table rentals allow you to play the game you love just about anywhere, because of their compact

  • 22 Person Foosball | Giant Foosball Table

    Our 22 Person Foosball table is perfect for your next event because it takes this classic, lovable game to an entirely new level. Foosball is a miniature soccer field at your fingertips!

    Bubble Hockey

    You are invited to attend the biggest game of the year: USA vs. Russia! In this popular sports bar amusement, participants control the skaters manually by twisting the handles located on each

  • Shuffle Board

    Shuffleboard is a game played on smooth surfaces, such as pavements, gymnasium floors, and ship decks. The object of the game is to push wooden or metal disks into scoring areas, and

    LED Ping Pong Table

    Bring the Absolute Fun to your next event! Our LED Ping Pong Table Rental combines the exciting fun of ping pong or table tennis play with a nightlife look! The LED lighted