For the perfect fundraiser in Orlando or a corporate party in Tampa call Absolute Amusements. We have rentals for every occasion and will do everything we can to help make your event a success. We will help make your event in Fort Lauderdale something that will be remembered by all who attend. We will help you with the perfect way to distribute prizes that will let everyone feel like they are part of the fun.

Who can resist flying money? Everyone wants to try their hand with our Money machine rental. Money, coupons or vouchers fly randomly around the participant as they madly try to grab as much as they can.

Our customizable Wheel of Fortune rental gives any event or trade show booth the Las Vegas feeling and chance of winning. We will customize the wheel with prizes of your choice and your corporate logo, making this the perfect rental for trade shows or displays. Everyone wants a chance at winning.

Why not try our Claw Machine Rentals and let your guests feel like they are in a carnival in Jacksonville or Miami as they test their skills to collect prizes.

No matter what your event Absolute Amusements has the perfect entertainment. We do public and private events, corporate or personal… anything you want, we will help you find it.

  • Custom Branded Game Rentals

    Price Is Right Wheel


    Customized Price Is Right Wheel

    Standing at over 6 feet tall, this 20 panel Price is Right Wheel can be fully customized for yours or your client’s needs. Complete with acrylic

    Drone Challenge | Event Drone Rentals

    Entertain, Engage and Excite Guests with Our Drone Challenge

    Our Drone Challenge is unlike any other game or entertainment you have seen. We have engineered our drone rental to be easy enough

  • Digital Prize Wheel

    The Digital Prize Wheel is a fully customizable piece that allows the client to customize not only the prizes given away, but the skin of the prize wheel as well.

    Clients can

    High Striker Rental Custom Featured Image

    High Striker

    Try Your Strength Out at Our Hi Striker

    Absolute Amusements offers different sizes and options for our Hi Striker (High Striker). Step up and see how strong you are! Pick up the

  • Charging Station Rentals | Custom Branded Charging Stations

    Custom Branded Charging Lockers/Stations Rental

    If you are having a corporate event in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, or Las Vegas then we can provide charging stations for you! We have several different

    Fish Races

    It is the latest crazy idea to hit the market. Yes, it is Fish Races. Two Participants will choose the fish they will assist to the finish line. Just like horse racing,

  • Traveler Money Machine, Step into our Money Machine Rental and experience timed bliss. Have money swirl all around you as you reach and grab to keep it.

    Money Machine | Cash Cube

    The Money Machine rental, also referred to as a Cash Cube, with it’s black appearance and flying money will always create a crowd. Great for incentives, themed parties, casino nights, bingo parlors,

    Wheel of Fortune

    Prize Wheel Rental

    A Wheel of Fortune is the perfect way to allow your guests to take a spin at winning some prizes! Also called prize wheels! We can take care of

  • Plinko Game Rental

    Our Plinko game rental is exciting for adults and kids of all ages! The slots are customized for different prizes. People will wait in anticipation as they watch the disc bounce between

    Raffle Drums

    Are you handing out raffle tickets at your next event? You need a Raffle Drum to enhance your raffle drawing experience! Place the tickets in the Raffle Drum and crank the lever

  • Tee Shirt Launcher

    Everyone loves a free tee-shirt! Launch your custom tee-shirts into a crowd of your guests with our tee-shirt launcher. It’s sure to help your event soar into success.

    Custom Slot Machine Rental, Trade Show Traffic Builder,

    Win Win Promo Big Bertha

    Try your luck on our one-armed bandits which are almost 7’ tall! Big Bertha Slot Machines are a gambler’s dream come true with hundreds of BIG winning combinations. Casinos cash in on

  • Win Win Promo | Digital Slot Machine


    Digital Slot Machine Rentals For Promotional Giveaways 

    The Win Win Promo, as we like to call it, is a digital slot machine with tons of customization options! Watch the crowd gather

    Win Win Promo Deluxe With Big Bertha

    The Win Win Promo Deluxe delivers EXCITEMENT!
    Give visitors the chance to win guaranteed prizes. No junk needed here. You will know how many of each prize to purchase and give away.

  • Lotto Blower

    Just like you’ve seen on TV or out in Vegas, our lotto blowers will bring the “real deal” lotto experience to your event. Our machines blow around the lotto balls while your

    Lock Out System

    Perfect for enhancing a game show or corporate brain bowl, the Lock Out System adds that special touch to the game. The system will automatically lock out all the other buttons once

  • Fly Guys & Sky Ticklers

    Did you see the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA? We were there. We are Fly Guys and we bring attention wherever we go. Two blowers are used to keep us afloat and

    Digital Wheel of Fortune

    Games may be played by a single person/team OR you can have up to 5 people/teams competing against another, head-to-head! When a team answers a question correctly, they can spin the wheel

  • Claw Machine

    Claw Machine (Crane Game) Rental For Promotional Giveaways

    This game takes skill! Fill the claw machine rental with your own custom prizes and give your guests a chance to try their skills