Claw Machine

Claw Machine (Crane Game) Rental For Promotional Giveaways

This game takes skill! Fill the claw machine rental with your own custom prizes and give your guests a chance to try their skills at this classic game. The claw machine rental makes a perfect platform for promotional giveaways because of the nostalgia and the excitement it brings. We offer different custom branding packages for the crane game to make it a perfect fit for any trade show booth as a traffic builder.

From basic plush toys to things like sunglasses, jewelry, or other types of electronic giveaways our crane game rental can service your promotional giveaway needs! The only limit is to the size and the weight of the item. We recommend giveaways that are between 8-10oz and a max size of 10″. If you are unsure about your prize and want to test it before booking then just send us a sample!

Footprint: The claw machine has roughly a 4×4 footprint making it a great size for a 10×10 trade show booth.

Power Requirement: We recommend (1) 5amp 110v although if you have other things in your booth you should order a 20 amp service.


Does it require a token to play? 

No, it does not! Much like a majority of our games we have installed free play credit buttons to make using the game simple.

What type of prizes can we put in the crane game? 

You can put a variety of prizes in the machine. We recommend using smaller prizes that have edges on them to make it easier to grab. If you are unsure about your prize you can send us a sample and we will test it out for you.

What type of customization options does the claw machine have?

Branding opportunities can include the sides, top, and front console of the claw machine. We can also place branding on the inside of the crane game in strategic locations.