Giant Games

Giant Game Rentals For Events

Have you ever been somewhere and seen the Giant life-sized games such as Giant Chess? Have you been on the beach in Miami and seen people manhandling giant pieces across a board? Oversized games are always fun and make the perfect entertainment rental for almost any event.

Absolute Amusements has a variety of family-friendly oversized games that will provide non-stop fun and activities to all of your guests at your Las Vegas event. Whether your event is on a beach in Tampa or a park in Jacksonville, you and your guests can have a fun filled day competing and playing our giant games such as giant connect four or giant checkers

For your next team building exercise in Orlando why not do something different and go with our Giant Battleship Rentals. Pair people up to conquer the other team and rule the board game sea. Our giant board game even includes power-ups that can be unlocked such as torpedoes and heat-seeking missiles.

Another Giant Game rental that is as hilarious to watch as it is to play is our Giant Operation or malpractice game. This game rental is a life-size fun game that can come as the traditional or alien operation theme. For your next event in Fort Lauderdale consider renting Giant Trykes, Giant Lotto, Giant Twister or Human Bowling. You won’t regret it.

We can also offer a number of different customization options on all of our Giant Game Rentals. Check out our game customization gallery for some examples of custom branded games.

  • Giant Space Invaders Frenzy Rental

    Giant Space Invaders Frenzy

    The GIANT Space Invaders Frenzy is the perfect arcade rental for your next corporate event or trade show. The game is an upgraded version of the classic space invaders with a sit

    Giant Foosball Table Rental + 8 person foosball table rental + corporate event rentals

    8 Person Foosball | Giant Foosball Table

    Meet the not-so-mini version of our 22 Person Foosball Table. This GIANT Foosball Table can accommodate up to 8 players. Rent it for your next beach party, corporate event or private

  • Giant Ring Toss

    Check out our SUPERSIZED version of the classic ring toss game. Players try to score points by landing the rings on one of five pegs. Each peg has a separate point value

    Giant Checkers Rental, Giant Checkers Board

    Giant Checkers

    Giant Checkers  Rental

    Check out our GIANT version of the classic game checkers! Our Giant Checkers rental is a great addition to any birthday party, corporate event, trade show or private

  • Giant Lego Photo Op, Giant Life Size Lego, Giant Building Blocks, Giant Game Rentals

    Giant Legos | Giant Building Blocks

    Check out these Giant Building Blocks! These Giant Legos can be used to spell out company logos, make giant versions of products or make for some awesome photo opportunities! Bring out

    World’s Tallest Pinball Machine

    Attention, Excitement, Suspense | Rent the Worlds Tallest Pinball Machine

    Place a ball in the conveyor belt and watch as it soars nearly 30 feet in the air. Watch in suspense to

  • Giant Cornhole Rental, Giant Game Rental

    Giant Cornhole

    Our Giant Cornhole sets are huge! Our Giant Cornholes are a fun addition to any event. If you are doing a corporate party outside at a hotel or even on a golf

    Lite Bright Rental, Lite-Brite,

    Giant Lite-Brite Rental


    Giant Lite Brite fun for all ages!

    Check out our Giant Lite Brite that is available for rent. This giant game looks and feels like the original game. Our model is

  • Giant Piano

    Our Giant Piano is a 26 key, fully functioning piano! With over 127 sounds, your guests or attendees are sure to have fun for hours. Attract a lot of attention while everyone

    Giant Custom Branded Jenga

    Absolute Amusements loves providing custom products to our clients. We create custom branded Jenga sets for clients who are looking to promote and increase their brand awareness while allowing guests play this

  • 22 Person Foosball | Giant Foosball Table

    Our 22 Person Foosball table is perfect for your next event because it takes this classic, lovable game to an entirely new level. Foosball is a miniature soccer field at your fingertips!

    Giant Battleship

    Command your fleet and rule the seas! Seek and sink your enemy’s ships before they find and sink yours! Unlock hidden super weapons like torpedoes and heat-seeking missiles to launch a firestorm

  • Giant Bowling

    Bowl outdoors or indoors any time – BIG time – and enjoy all the fun and activity of the sport of bowling without the trip to the alley.

    You can set up

    Giant Chess

    We took the classic game of chess and made it GIANT with our Giant Chess rentals!

    Are you looking to find out who the next great Bobby Fisher is? Our deluxe Giant

  • Giant Connect Four

    Add our Giant Connect 4 rental to your next event. That’s right, the official Giant Connect 4. Standing at over 3ft tall and strikingly colorful, this classic game will certainly create a

    Giant Jenga Rental

    Our Giant Jenga rental is a superb, giant-sized version of popular indoor or outdoor game, Jenga. The life-size Giant Jenga or Tumble Tower can build a tower over 4 feet tall! The

  • Giant Operation

    Rent this giant operation game we call Surgery. Life size fun operation game with giant operation tools. Also comes themed for an Alien operation game. Want to customize this life size childhood

    Giant Lotto

    Great for prize give-aways and sales events, or just plain fun and luck.


  • Giant Trykes

    These giant, adult-sized tricycles are durable and great fun for the big kid in all of us. Monster trykes are easy and exhilarating to ride over all kinds of terrain. Our Giant

    Giant Twister Rental

    Get entangled with our Giant Twister inspired play pad. This soft, foam-padded giant twisting game will have kids and adults laughing with each spin of the wheel and left hand-green command. This

  • Water Wars

    Play the ultimate water balloon game! Water Wars is an extremely competitive game and the stakes are high if you want to stay dry. Opponents take their stand at opposing battle stations.