Giant Beer Pong Rentals

Life Sized Beer Pong!

If your looking for an awesome party game rental then check out our Giant beer pong rentals. This life size beer pong is great for any type of party or event where guest want to get competitive.

Our giant beer pong isn’t like the traditional table size game. We use replica trash cans designed to look like red solo cups. While they will give you the feeling of the classic feel of the game the play is slightly more challenging. The cans are put together just like the regular game but they are spaced apart 10-15′. Participants have to try and throw a specially designed ball across the playing area into the opposing teams cups.

We deliver our giant beer pong rental to anywhere in Florida and Las Vegas so give us a call today to add this party rental to your next event.

Product Details:

Space Requirements: Approximately 30 feet long by 12 feet wide by 15 feet tall

Power: None

Giant beer pong rental at a corporate event in Orlando. Imagine taking beer pong and making it life size.