Trade Show Traffic Builders

Trade shows can be difficult to get people to come to your booth, learn about your product, and remember who you are when they come home. We have sure fire products that will build traffic, build your brand, and create a great ROI for your event.

Below is a list of recommended trade booth traffic building ideas to help get traffic to your booth jump started. However, ANY of our products can be customized to fit your look and needs. If you don’t see something you like here then check out our full list of products in our product gallery. You can also contact one of our event planning specialist today to discuss some ideas.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Trade Show Traffic Builder: 

1.) Who is your audience?

Knowing the demographics of the people attending the show is important when choosing a traffic builder. If your conference has a lot of 24-30 year old men then having a sand color station might not be as successful as having a Dragon Punch Machine.

2.) What do you want to accomplish?

When choosing a trade show traffic builder its important to decide what you want to accomplish. Is your goal to simply give away as many giveaways and talk to as many people as possible? Or perhaps is your goal to use data collection with the traffic builder and collect emails before letting them engage in the fun activity. If your goal is to collect peoples emails or information then choosing a traffic builder that is fun and engaging with built in lead capture might be the way to go.

3.) What is the size of your booth?

Choosing a traffic builder that fits the size of your booth and your existing display is super important. Unless your building your booth around this activity then you should keep in mind the existing size of your display. Do you have a lot of products you need to show? Do you have a display monitor with your product video? Choosing a game or activity to build traffic while still fitting in your booth is important. If you have a lot of products you need to demo but want a larger traffic builder consider custom branding the activity with your logo or product information so that it is still visible in your booth.

Check out this article on trade show traffic builders for more info.

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