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Entertain, Engage and Excite Guests with Our Drone Challenge

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Our Drone Challenge is unlike any other game or entertainment you have seen. We have engineered our drone rental to be easy enough for a 5yr old to fly, but cool enough that adults and teens alike will be captured and engaged. We designed the course to be fun yet challenging. The best part is that we can fit it in as small as a 10×20 space. The course itself is in a 10×10 cage. That means that you can have this as a trade show traffic builder, or a game in your next corporate event or private party.

We also have a drone inflatable the is roughly 20x40x18 feet that is great for outdoor events, festivals and private parties.


Drones in a Trade Show Booth?

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Yes! With our drones, we can fit them in a 10×10 cage making them the perfect size to put in a 10×20 trade show booth. We add screens that show the First Person View (FPV) of the drones and customizable branding on another monitor. Do something that no one has ever seen before and add this trade show traffic builder to your next trade show. Add our lead capture software to capture participants information as they come up and play. Use a leaderboard to capture scores for a big give away. The leaderboard keeps people checking back to see if their score has been beat.

Drones at my Party?

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You might ask how a Drone Challenge works at a party. With our 10×10 cage, we can add led lighting to the top of the cage to light your room with color. Sync the lighting to the music and the drone challenge becomes the centerpiece of entertainment. Everyone has wanted to try their hand at flying a drone at some point. Now they can without having to worry about causing damage to themselves or their environment. Our cage protects both your guests and your venue.


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