Planning a corporate event can be tough and figuring out the perfect entertainment for it can be the hardest part. Let Absolute Amusements make the choice of entertainment easy for you. Whether the event is for 50 people or 5000 we have entertainment for everyone.

Looking for entertainment for your next trade show booth why not throw in some fast adventure with a few of our Nascar Racing Game Rentals. Young or old it doesn’t matter, our rentals are bound to make them feel young at heart. They can control the action, be part of the pit crew or be behind the wheel, the options are almost endless.

Our Slot Car Racing rental features eight lanes of high speed adventure and comes with a pit stop operator to ensure that the racing goes smoothly.

For the true NASCAR enthusiast you can rent our Pit Crew Challenge where each person competes against the clock and each other as they race to see who can change a tire the quickest using either a tire Iron or a powered gun to remove the lug nuts.

We cover most major areas of Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. We also service all of Las Vegas. Give us a call today to schedule your next party rental.

  • NASCAR Racing Arcade

    If you are looking to rent a sit down NASCAR Racing driving arcade then check out our NASCAR Team racing games. Experience the thrill of a NASCAR team racing with 6 officially

    San Francisco Rush 2049 Driving Arcade Game

    Looking for a fun racing arcade game for rent? Check out the San Francisco Rush 2049 Driving Arcade Game. This racing game for rent does indeed take place in San Francisco. Developed

  • Fast and Furious Arcade Rental

    Rent our fast and furious arcade racing game for your next event. If your looking for a fun arcade driving game for rent then try this out! Based on the hit film

    Daytona Championship USA LED

    Rent the Daytona USA Championship arcade driving game! It is the holy grail of arcade racing and this brand new entry brings this classic racing game into the 21st century. This race

  • Arctic Thunder Arcade Game

    Arctic Thunder was one of the first Snow Mobile arcade machines. This arcade game rental is a sit down game manufactured by midway.  It makes for great fun and realistic feeling from

    Corporate Event Drag Racing Track

    Drag Racing Track


    Everyone loves the thrill of being the first off the line. Test your reaction time down to thousands of a second with our portable drag racing track. See if you

  • Drone Challenge | Event Drone Rentals

    Entertain, Engage and Excite Guests with Our Drone Challenge

    Our Drone Challenge is unlike any other game or entertainment you have seen. We have engineered our drone rental to be easy enough

    Virtual Reality Biking | Virtual Reality Bicycles

    Virtual Reality Biking Competitions | Team Building Exercises

    With fitness being more and more important to people, it’s never too late to incorporate a little fitness and competition into your next corporate

  • Virtual Reality Rowing Rental

    Virtual Reality Rowing


    Virtual Reality Rowing Perfect for Team Building Events and Competitions

    Virtual Reality Rowing is the newest in interactive health based fitness. Our Virtual Reality Rowers are perfect for team building and

    6 Player Water Race

    We have taken this classic carnival game rental to the next level by adding 4 more players, as well as custom branding. The gameplay is very simple: on your mark, get set,

  • Mini Micro Racing

    Micro Reality Racing is a new and exciting form of Interactive Sports Entertainment. It lets you experience the thrills, spills and spectacular crashes of real stock car racing on a portable banked

    Pit Crew Challenge

    Auto Club members may not have the competitive edge with our version of the Pit Crew Challenge! Participants race against each other or the clock, while using real tire irons to spin

  • Slot Car Track Rental Orlando, Slot Car Racing Orlando, Slot Car Rental Florida, Slot Car rental Las Vegas

    Slot Car Racing

    Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was hop in a hot car and speed around the countryside? Well, re-live your childhood fantasy with our giant Slot


    This high-tech cycle game allows guests to experience the excitement of controlling the action via a big screen and video head set. Players are linked to a monitor that evaluates their heart

  • Daytona USA Racer

    Daytona USA 2 is a stock car racing simulator in which the player is placed in a high-speed stock car race where she or he can see from multiple angles. Choose one

    Ferrari F355

    This machine was designed from the ground up by a Ferrari enthusiast. This machine is vastly different from all other driving machines, as it was intended to be a real-life simulator without

  • Keg Racers

    You won’t believe how much fun our motorized Keg Racers are! Guests choose red or blue kegs with color coordinated safety helmets and race the easily maneuverable, self-propelled units to the finish

    Harley Motorcycle Game

    The Harley Davidson Motorcycle game allows players to choose from a variety of Harleys to ride. Race various points around L.A. before the time expires. Avoid all of the obstacles and pick

  • Superbike Racing Game

    Game based on the famous British Manx TT motorcycling race around the Isle of man.

    Nascar Racing Video Game

    Boogity, boogity, boogity — let’s go racing, drivers! Our NASCAR sit down racing games are the closest simulators available to actual races around a speedway. This game is a head to

  • Power Boat Racing

    Test your skill as you maneuver these replica Oddshore Racing Boats around buoys placed in a body of water. Two boats can race around the course or just “play.” Staff will organize

    Roll a Ball Horse Race

    Just like the lovable State Fair, your guests will walk up to one of the most impressive games available for indoor or outdoor use. Our Roll a Ball Horse Race is truly

  • Skiing

    Come join the pro’s on the slopes. There are three levels of difficulty in this, the Hottest Winter Sports Simulator ever! Try the challenging Slalom Course or the break neck speed of

    Snow Boarding

    SHOOSH-ing down a mountain will never be this thrilling or easy! On the Snowboard Simulator participants stand on a real snowboard and watch the big screen TV while advancing down the mountain!