Daytona Championship USA LED

Rent the Daytona USA Championship arcade driving game! It is the holy grail of arcade racing and this brand new entry brings this classic racing game into the 21st century. This race game includes all the original courses including three brand new tracks!

The championship USA game also includes a brand new tournament mode that keeps track of high scores as well! Perfect for any trade show or corporate event.

Head to head competition is the most prominent feature of this sequel. Up to 8 rented racing cabinets can be linked together for a competitive race. Get your friends together and lets race racing simulator arcade game!
You are behind the wheel of a stock car. Your objective is to outrun your competing opponents. Start your engines, build up momentum, avoid crashing, don’t scrape the walls or corners, and you will be zipping around the track at the “speed of LED light.” This racing simulator arcade game is not your average Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift Racing Simulator but a good iconic Daytona racing simulator game made by SEGA.