Extreme Sports

Looking for entertainment rentals for your next event in Las Vegas or Orlando that are a little more adventurous? Then try one of our extreme sport rentals. They give you all of the adrenaline without the danger.

Challenge your coworkers to ride the Mechanical Bull, or to shoot the curl on our Surfing Simulator. For something a little more relaxing, but just as thrilling, you can try our Big Mouth Bass Fishing Rentals.

At Absolute Amusements you can rent all the fun and excitement without the mess, the danger or the hospital visits. These are exciting and fun activities that everyone enjoys. These are great ideas to rent for a corporate event in Tampa, or a fundraiser in Jacksonville.

For the next family reunion in Miami or Fort Lauderdale let Absolute Amusements provide the entertainment and the adrenaline rush. From ages six to sixty, everyone will remember your event and the entertainment you provided. Whether they joined in the fun themselves or just stood on the sidelines watching, it’s fun for everyone.

When looking to rent entertainment equipment for your next event or gathering check out Absolute Amusements, we are sure to have something for everyone. Call us at 800-239-3866 and we will be delighted to help you choose the perfect entertainment package.

  • Safe Archery Shootout


    Try our mobile archery shootout rental. Our SAFE archery rental is perfect for all types of events including corporate parties, team building, and private events! The SAFE archery rental gives you


    Get ready, set, GO! with our Mobile Dodgeball Arena rentals! Two teams race to the center line for the opening rush. Dodgeball requires skill, strategy, and speed. Bring the sport of Dodgeball

  • Rolling Extreme Street Luge

    Rolling Extreme Street Luge is an exciting simulator that takes a popular Olympic sport and gives it a brand new twist. Choose from four characters, compete on three circuits and prepare for

    Skate Boarding

    Converting a real skateboard into a game controller. Take a real skateboard and use it to control and “ride” the game.

  • Surfing

    Robo Surfer is a rock & rolling mechanical surfboard with 10 speeds, “Slow” to “Bionic.” Guests engage in the activity of simulated surfing on an actual surfboard. The surfboard is over an

    VR Surfer

    Catch A Wave, Dude! With Virtual Surfer 2 or VR Surfer, players stand on a real surfboard and ride the virtual waves as if they were in Hawaii. This video game allows

  • Bass Fishing

    Cast your line and set your hook for fishing fun with the with the VR 2 Fishing Express game. Packed with real motion fishing. Enjoy great fishing action without ever leaving the

    Mechanical Bull

    Mechanical Bulls are great, All-American fun and with our inflatable flag it really makes a statement. We provide trained operators to oversee your event to ensure safety and excitement. Now you’re really

  • Rapid River Game

    Rapid River is a water rafting themed game. Players climb aboard a bright orange raft seat simulator and maneuver a paddle assembly for speed and steering. The simulator playfully jolts players as

    Life Size like rockem sockem boxing ring.

    Robotic Boxing

    Life Size Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robotic Boxing

    This GIANT version of the classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots game is a great addition to any event. Our Robotic Boxing uses a

  • Arcade Game Rentals Orlando, Arcade Game Rentals Las Vegas, Skiing Arcade Game Rental,

    Skiing – Alpine Racer

    Alpine Racer is our Skiing simulation arcade game with an interactive ski feel. Come join the pros on the slopes and see how your skills measure up! Whatever your level of experience


    This Alpine Snowboarding simulator allows the player to choose different course difficulties and swoosh down the mountain like a pro (or fall like a pro). Experience the excitement of snowboarding and leave