Safe Archery Shootout


Try our mobile archery shootout rental. Our SAFE archery rental is perfect for all types of events including corporate parties, team building, and private events! The SAFE archery rental gives you the same type of experience as real archery without the worry of a tipped dart injuring a guest by accident. It is perfect for younger children.

What is SAFE archery?

Safe archery is the use of not tipped arrows. Instead we utilize patented Velcro system with a low pull strength bow. Contestants stand about 12-15 feet away and shoot at the target to see who can get closest to the bullseye. We can also offer safety netting and barrier control systems making this archery event rental even safer.

Our staff are skilled and trained to be able this activity to your guests in a fun and safe way. With a variety of different archery course designs and targets, we can offer something fun and engaging for everyone. From a single target to moving and spinning targets, there is something for your next event.

Call us today to add this party rental item to your next event!