Portable Archery Range Rental | Archery Team Building

Portable Archery Range Rental For Groups, Festivals, and County Fairs

If you are looking to rent or hire a portable archery range for your event then look no further! We offer a S.A.F.E archery experience for events of all sizes and types. Our portable archery range rental can be scaled up to increase capacity or throughput. It is perfect for an outdoor team building event or activity. Add our archery range rental to a medieval themed event or party.

The archery range rental for events includes: 

  • (2) Archery Stations
  • Blunted Arrows
  • (2)Portable Archery Targets
  • Hay Backstop
  • Netting Backstop
  • Line/Crowd Control
  • Archery Safety Video
  • Range Safety Perimeter/Signage
  • Archery Range Safety Master


We are based in Orlando Florida but we set up our traveling archery range for your event and will stay on site for the duration of the event.


Approximately 40-70 guests can be reached in this shooting booth format per hour of shooting with one target. More targets and bows can be added to lengthen the experience time and increase throughput.


  • High Speed Cameras for photo booth experience.
  • Additional bows, arrows, targets, or supplies.
  • Prizes
  • Individual Archery Paper Targets for people to take home.
  • Additional staff members to help guests
  • Extra early arrival or delayed tear-down waiting time

Safety Information

If you are concerned about safety for your event then this section is for you. Archery is a serious sport and we take safety extremely important. We have designed the portable archery range in mind for events and safety.

  • Guest start by watching a short demonstrational video including range and safety rules.
  • We use blunted lightweight arrows (not pointed) for the range. If need depending on the event we will switch to a rubber arrow upon request.
  • The minimum footprint needed for the archery experience is a 40’x20′ area. We set up the range away from people and walking paths when all possible.
  • If a guest becomes unsafe or does not follow range rules at any time they will be asked to leave the range immediately. The range includes a safety boundary net all the way around including warning signs on all four sides.