Creating The Right Photo Experience

Everyone has seen photo booths, red carpet rinse and repeats, and green screen experiences at gala dinners, trade shows, and corporate events. Most of the time the experience is exactly the same. However, every now and then you see an experience that just blows your socks away. Below is a few designs that we think top the cake.

Top Photo Experiences for Parties:


Check out how the foliage brings out the backdrop and creates a 3D experience. All of the details are perfect including the matching lamps cascading farther away on the path.





Vogue decided to do a fun and unique photo opportunity at one of it’s events. Using a “light tunnel” guest stepped in and posed for photos. They then captured gifs of the celebs. For more info on this photo op click here.



12274311_767714076707619_384180056717220676_nThis blog just wouldn’t be complete without at least showing you one of our photo ops that we do in house. Everyone loves James Bond – especially the classics! That is the goal of this 007 inspired photo op with our lovely golden girl! Built to look like the scene in the movie the pictures from this night are absolutely unforgettable!



Photo booths can be boring and just having a plain background isn’t that much more exciting. By incorporating movement and depth into your photo opportunities you give the eye something to be attracted to and for the people to interact with. The use of branded or appropriate props is also key to tying in everything. Having props that don’t fit the brand or the desired experience will subtract from the fluidity or cohesiveness of your design.

If you really wanted to be revolutionary and turn the photo experience on its head then you can hire roaming photographers with screen less green screen removal! Wait we can do that for you!