College Event Rentals Orlando

College events are a big thing and when a sports team is involved it is even bigger. Whether you want entertainment for spirit week or you are looking for fundraiser event rentals in Tampa, Absolute Amusements has you covered.

Perfect Themes for All Your Events

We have Carnival themed amusements or video game rentals that are sure to bring the college crowd in. You can go for a rousing battle of the bands with our Guitar Hero or Rock Band rentals.

If your hosting the Miami Panthers then you want the college event entertainment that will rock their world and keep the fans rooting for the home team with one of our sport rentals. At Absolute Amusements we have everything from Batting Cages to NBA Hoops that let the fans get in on the action.

Next time the Jacksonville Tigers are running a fundraiser ask our experts about fundraiser event rentals and they can set you up with excellent college event ideas. Have the team try their hand at armchair quarterbacking, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Celebrate that Victory in Style

Maybe the season is over and it’s time for the celebration and awards ceremonies. At Absolute Amusements, we can help you with all of your college event rentals. From decorations to entertainment we make every event a success.

Whether you are looking for a casual fun event or a classy ceremony let our expert planners know what you have in mind and they will help make your event memorable.

Let us Find the Perfect Fit for your Celebration

We have over 20,000 sq ft of warehouse space in Orlando and over 8,000 sq ft of warehouse space in Las Vegas. Between these warehouse spaces, we have over 4,000 amusements including video games, sports game and interactive experiences. We also have a variety of lighting and sound systems that will help create or enhance the perfect atmosphere for every event.

At Absolute Amusements, we have over 20 years of experience in entertainment and party needs. Our staff excels at helping you fulfill your dream of creating the perfect event. Whether it’s a large space or small, an intimate gathering or a wild celebration, let us help you make it all that it can be.

Call Absolute Amusements at 800-239-3866 or request a quote above at the top of our site and someone will get back to you with all of your answers as soon as possible.