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Lawn Sports

There is never a dull moment in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale or even Las Vegas when you visit Absolute Amusements for your event entertainment rentals. With all the beautiful weather why not hold your event outside? The weather is perfect and the scenario is gorgeous. Absolute Amusements has you covered for all your entertainment needs, whether your party is inside or out.

For your outdoor events, we provide a variety of garden game rentals that everyone loves and enjoys playing. For dart lovers we have Lawn Dart rentals that can be enjoyed by young and old. Lawn Darts are a fun time enjoyed by everyone.

Another popular outdoor amusement that we offer for rent is Corn Hole, also known as a bag toss, a popular game that everyone can play. If you prefer something a little more classic you can rent a Horse Shoes, another perfect outdoor entertainment that can be enjoyed at a company picnic or any outdoor event and by anyone!

For more team style events, how about Croquet Rentals? Absolute Amusements has a supply of Croquet sets waiting just for your next event. Croquet is a fantastic game that can create hours of hilarity, making your next outdoor event a memorable one. It won’t take long before someone starts cracking the Alice in Wonderland references.

  • Custom Cornhole Rentals

    Custom Cornhole Rentals For Any Occasion

    Don’t just have a regular cornhole at your next event have it custom! Absolute Amusements offers a wide range of customization options for cornhole rentals and

    LED Corn Hole Rental Las Vegas, Florida, and surrounding areas.

    Cornhole Rentals

    Add this classic game of beanbag toss to any event! Our cornhole rentals are perfect for corporate events and private social gatherings. Corn Toss, Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Indiana Horseshoes,

  • LED Ring toss rental Orlando Fl, Miami, Las Vegas

    LED Ring Toss

    Toss Rings all night long with our LED Ring Toss

    Everyone loves the classing ring toss game. Players use their skill to gain points against their opponents. Our ring toss rental is

    Glow In The Dark Frisbee

    Light up the night with our glow in the dark frisbees!

  • Ladder Toss

    It’s perfect for your next tailgate or backyard get-together. Ladder Toss, sometimes called “golf toss,” is fun and simple—so the whole family can join in on the action.

    Teams of two to

    Lawn Toss

    Rent a Lawn Toss set from Absolute Amusements for your next backyard party, company picnic, tailgate party, or other special event.

  • Ring Toss

    Try and loop one of the many bottles for a prize. It’s harder than it looks!


    Rent a tether-ball set from Absolute Amusements for your next backyard party, company picnic, tailgate party, or other special event.

  • Lawn Darts

    Rent a lawn darts set from Absolute Amusements for your next backyard party, company picnic, tailgate party, or other special event.

    Horse Shoes

    The game of “pitching” horseshoes is a time-honored picnic game and has been a mainstay of outdoor fun, even spurring the phrase that “being close only counts in horseshoes.” Rent this game

  • Croquet

    Keep your competitive spirit alive with a croquet set rental from Absolute Amusements.

    Bocce Ball

    Bocce is without a doubt one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports. You may be interested in playing bocce ball competitively, or you might just want to play a friendly game