Alpine Sports

When planning a corporate event, fundraiser, convention, or any other event Absolute Amusements is your supplier of choice for interactive entertainment. With over 20 years of experience we are well known for our innovative and creative solutions.

Absolute Amusements can supply the lighting, decor, sound equipment or entertainment activities. We can even tailor the games to the brand name of the events hosts! We offer spine tingling, virtual reality games. The games include Alpine Skiing and our Snowboarding game rentals. These outstanding games leave the players feeling as if they really have been rushing down the slopes! The skiing game rental features a 50” projection monitor, three levels of difficulty, and the choice between a very rapid downhill race, swooshing down the hill or tackling the giant slalom with the pros.

We are based in Orlando and we have over 20,000 sq. feet of warehouse space containing over 4,000 amusements. If you can dream it, our designers can make that dream a reality. We also have 8,000 sq.feet of warehouse space in Las Vegas, allowing us to make your event a successful one on either coast or anywhere in-between!

Whether you are planning an event in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami or Tampa Absolute Amusements can furnish the plan, the props, and the games for a smashing success. Why wouldn’t you contact us for a quote today?

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    Skiing – Alpine Racer

    Alpine Racer is our Skiing simulation arcade game with an interactive ski feel. Come join the pros on the slopes and see how your skills measure up! Whatever your level of experience


    This Alpine Snowboarding simulator allows the player to choose different course difficulties and swoosh down the mountain like a pro (or fall like a pro). Experience the excitement of snowboarding and leave