Best Handouts At Tradeshows

Giving away handouts or promotional products at trade shows is not a new concept. But the types of products that will cause people to stop by your booth has changed. With the cost of technology coming down, the draw that a iPad giveaway used to have just isn’t the case any more. How we engage people through the use of giveaways has changed.

Things You Should Have In Mind When Selecting Your Trade Show Booth Giveaway

Give something away that is meaningful. The object should take care of a need for the person. Things like headphones, charger stations, coffee mugs, etc. are great because people will use them everyday.

Make it tactile. Make your giveaway something that people can touch, use or interact with.

Make the giveaway branded not just with your logo, but a quick phrase to jog peoples memories or tell them what you’re about. Choosing a giveaway too small may keep them from re-engaging with your brand because your message is missing from the giveaway.

Best Trade Show Giveaways On A Budget

For this section, we chose giveaways ranging from  to $5.

1.) 26oz Sports Bottle

Depending on who you get it from and your final quantity, this product meets all of our suggested guidelines for the best handouts at trade shows. It meets a basic need, durable and large enough to put not just your logo on it, but also a snippet telling people what your about.


2.) Sunglasses

If you are doing a trade show in FL, then this giveaway is a no brainer. Not only will people be going to your booth to get some, but they will be using it that same day! Not sitting in a bag until they get home. Sunglasses are something people will keep with them for a long time.


3.) Grocery Tote (a.k.a swag bag)

Everyone knows the feeling when you’re at a trade show and everyone is giving out products and swag, but you have nothing to put it in. Then you see someone walking around with a swag bag and suddenly you find yourself walking across the show floor just to get a bag to put everything in. Not only will people use this to carry everything around, but people will use these after the show for groceries.

Best Grand Prize Trade Show Giveaways

Everyone has what is referred to as the “grand prize” or upper tiers of their promotional giveaways. These creative promotional ideas are unique and sure to grab attention.

1.) Rumble Bottle 

The Rumble Bottle is a unique promotional giveaway in that its not just a bottle, but also a Bluetooth speaker that people can play music through. Depending on how many you want, this guy can cost any where between $14.99-$26.22 each. However, this is a product people are sure to use and sure to remember.


2.) Otterbox Branded Cooler 

Not for the faint of heart this cooler will set you back $301.99/cooler. Definitely a grand prize giveaway. This cooler will keep ice frozen for up to 14 days. This bad boy will stay with the recipient for years to come. Branding it will also grab attention from other people asking how they got the cooler and engaging more people with your brand.


3.) Golf Rangefinder 

If you are at a conference with mostly men and people who love to golf, then this giveaway is perfect as a grand prize. Its cost is around $600.




4.) Drones Are In! 

Drones are super hot right now and so is taking selfies. This product lets the user do both! Who wouldn’t be signing up to win one of these?





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