Giant Lite-Brite Rental


Giant Lite Brite fun for all ages!

Check out our Giant Lite Brite that is available for rent. This giant game looks and feels like the original game. Our model is built to scale – down to the very last detail. We don’t have high tech knobs on ours because we like to do things old school. We use 2 inch long pegs that you insert into any slot you want. When a peg isn’t inserted into the game there is no light coming out. Just like the original!

With over a thousand holes you have plenty of room to create and design on this giant board. The light is definitely bright on this game. If you are doing a trade show in the Orlando, Las Vegas, or Miami area and looking for an attraction that will drive traffic to your booth then look no farther. People can come up create and design together and then even get their picture taken in front of the Lite-Brite and then through one of our social media kiosk share their photo with your hashtag! Want to take it a step further then add printing to our kiosk stations and now attendees have a personalized keepsake that you can brand with your company or product logo.

Perfect for corporate events, private social events, trade shows, birthday parties and more!