Giant Twister Rental

Get entangled with a Giant Twister inspired play pad. This soft, foam padded giant entanglement game will have kids and adults laughing with each spin of the wheel and “left hand-green” command. This interactive game rental is perfect for parties, team building, or any other occasion.

Game Play:

Players step onto a giant twister-like board. One player spins a wheel with the colors and body parts on it. Each player takes a turn moving around the board without falling over. Numerous people can play at one time. This game is great for team bonding and trust building. This is safer than tall inflatable units without walls, because here you can not fall off a two inch pad. We designed this unit to allow the audience the best view, while allowing for the safest game play. Sets up in minutes.

Footprint: 10×10

Power Requirements: None


Can this go on grass? 
Yes, it can go on grass or concrete.