Giant Chess

We took the classic game of chess and made it GIANT with our Giant Chess rentals!

Giant Chess Photo Shoot with Giant Chess RentalAre you looking to find out who the next great Bobby Fisher is? Our deluxe Giant Chess Set provides a lot of fun for schools, backyards, hotels, special events and more. The tallest chess piece, the King, stands a full 25 inches tall! The chess pieces are light-weight and easy to move around. If needed, they can also be weighted by filling the inside of the pieces with sand.

This Giant Chess set will make a nice addition to any outdoor or indoor event. The Giant Chess board is made with hard plastic tiles that are designed for players to be able to walk across the board to checkmate their opponent. This classic game will bring the inner child out of each of your guests at your next event. With a game this big, you can even have multiple people play at once.

If you are looking for Giant Checkers to add to your giant games event, you can check that out with the button below.

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