Win Win Promo | Digital Slot Machine


Digital Slot Machine Rentals For Promotional Giveaways 

The Win Win Promo, as we like to call it, is a digital slot machine with tons of customization options! Watch the crowd gather in excitement at your trade show booth to see what prizes other people are winning! There’s nothing quite like the excitement of watching those wheels spin hoping they will land on the desired winning combination.

Our digital slot machine’s custom software allows us to change sound effects, reel icons, backgrounds, and much more! The slot machine rental is great if you are doing a trade show or casino themed event and want to give away prizes.

Is a button not exciting enough? Need something larger? Check out our other digital slot machine rental, Big Bertha. Larger screen, larger header and belly, and a HUGE lever to pull!

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What can be customized on your digital slot machines?

  • Header
  • Belly
  • Background of the Screen
  • Reel Icons
  • Full Graphic Wrap on the Sides and Back


Can you provide an attendant for my show?
Yes! If you are looking for a trade show attendant to engage with guests and ensure a smooth experience, let one of our customer service reps know to include it on your quote!

Can you capture leads with the software?
Yes! We offer lead generation with our built in software. Alternatively, we can provide lead generation through separate tablet kiosks. At the end of the conference or even on a daily basis, we will provide you with a completed report.

Do you keep track of how many spins are done each day?
Yes! Our software allows us to track how many of each of the combinations are hit throughout the day.

What if we run out of a certain prize?
Our software is designed to let a specific combination only win a certain number of times. Because of this, we can ensure that you don’t give away more prizes than you have.