Shuffle Board

Shuffleboard is a game played on smooth surfaces, such as pavements, gymnasium floors, and ship decks. The object of the game is to push wooden or metal disks into scoring areas, and to knock the opponent’s disks out of scoring areas. A player pushes the disks with a cue. Two people can play shuffleboard against each other, or four people can form two opposing teams. Each side has four disks. The players take turns shooting from the 10-off space. A player scores 10 points for each disk in the 10-area; eight points for the 8-area; and seven points for the 7-area. Ten points are subtracted for each disk in the 10-off space. After all the disks have been pushed, the players add up their scores and move to the other end of the court and continue playing. The winning score may be 50, 75, or 100 points. The team with the highest scores in two out of three games wins.