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Full Size Boxing Ring


The real deal! Official boxing ring. Are you doing a corporate event and need a full size boxing ring as a stage? Doing an exhibition match for fundraising? Our full size boxing ring rental is the real deal.

The boxing ring is completely self standing and doesn’t require an existing stage for setup. If you are looking for a professional full size boxing ring rental in Florida, las Vegas, and even nationwide then look no further.

If you are looking for a fake boxing ring experience or a “mini” boxing ring to be used as a “battle symbol” then check out our other boxing ring products.

Mini Boxing Ring

Footprint: The inside space of the boxing ring is 20×20 but the overall footprint of the ring is around 23×23′


Can the rope and skirt colors be changed? 

Yes, we can provide you the options and colors that can be switched out. There is an additional cost depending on the option you would like to go with.

Can the boxing ring be used outdoors? 

Yes the ring can be used outdoors. If you are hosting a multi day event there will be an fee however.

Can we use it for a stage? 

Yes, you can. However, we do not allow things to be dragged across it or any heavy equipment to be placed on it.