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Atari Pong Table

The Atari Pong Table is a must-have addition to any ‘80s themed party or corporate event. The table is loaded with the original retro sounds, bouncing lights, and classic bit movements that everyone loves.
The Atari pong table rental is complete with two Atari branded classic 80’s stools, it makes a perfect addition to any lounge or seating area for your trade show booth, corporate event, or private social event.

The original Atari pong was released in 1972. Originally designed as a training game to train people to respond faster and process movements faster the Atari Pong Table stays true to the original game but with a beautiful modern twist. Controlled by giant dials the 80’s nostalgia piece plays smoothly. Players twist the rotary knob back and forth to move the magnetically suspended ball. Twist to slow and your opponent will score a point. Twist the rotary knob to fast and you will overshoot your block.

Game Play:

Players can play one or two players. If they are playing one player the guest would play against the onboard computer. This rental is great to add to a lounge area. With Bluetooth capabilities, guest can also hook up their phone and stream their own music. Included on both sides is USB charging ports for people to plug in their phones while they play.

Footprint: 26″W x 48″L x 30″H

Power Requirements: 120v AC, 3amps

Weight: 150LBS