Double Shot Basketball

Shoot Some Hoops with our Double Shot Basketball Game

Double shot or Pop A Shot basketball rentals. This is a picture of our pop a shot rental in a trade show booth for a trade show traffic builder. Also referred to as a “Pop a Shot,” our¬†Double Shot Basketball game rental¬†basically follows the normal rules, but does not account for fouls. Players can actually fight for control of the ball. The game was released with a “Hometown Heroes” kit that allowed customization of the game’s teams’ names and colors.

With a Pop A Shot rental, guests can play single player or multiplayer – it’s up to you. This basketball game rental is perfect for any trade show, corporate event or private social gathering. Our Double Shot Basketball looks great in a trade show booth, ballroom and even your backyard! Don’t miss out on this exciting basketball game rental. If you’re looking for a larger arcade style basketball game rental, then try our NBA Hoops or Shoot N Hoops rentals.

Game Play

Test your shooting skills to see how many baskets you can score in the allotted time! Playing with another person? Fight to grab the balls and score as many baskets as you can. This Pop a Shot is an excellent activity for team competitions or for people to just have a good time. Each game has an allotted time and can be set up to track either single or multiplayer games.