Blackjack Tables

Throwing a James Bond theme party? Add some of our casino games to your event! Need some beautiful women or men to deal? Not a problem. With a wide selection of dealers and models we have what you need.

In a game of skill or luck, Blackjack can be an exciting addition to any corporate event or private social gathering. If you are looking for fun casino party rentals, our Blackjack tables have proven to be an effective way to entertain attendees. For trade shows, our Blackjack rentals allow the opportunity to educate your attendees on product features and your sales staff are able to interact with a larger crowd in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our professional Blackjack dealers can assist guests in learning more about playing Blackjack. Custom cards and felts can feature products and services as well.


Each player is dealt two cards initially, one face up and one face down. In an attempt to beat the dealer, players take turns deciding whether to be dealt additional cards (“hit”) or just hold onto what they have (“stay”). Winning comes by either getting a total of 21 points on the first two cards (“Blackjack!”),  by exceeding the dealer’s score without exceeding 21, or by the dealer drawing until they exceed 21 (“bust”).


6’x5′ area or larger is recommended


Q: Do you provide the cards and chips with the Blackjack table rental? 

A: Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment your guests need to enjoy a fun game of Blackjack.

Q: Do you include stools for the Blackjack tables in your rental cost? 

A: We offer several packages with or without chairs depending on your space and budget requirements.

Q: Are dealers included in the rental?

A: You’re welcome to use your own dealers if you’d like, but we also have professionals available for hire so that you can just play and enjoy.