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Blender Bike Rentals | Portable Blending Bikes

Blender Bikes, Event Rentals, smoothie bike rentalOur Blender bikes rentals provide a unique and engaging way for people to participate in an activity that is proven to boost moods! If you are looking to do a smoothie bar outside and don’t have power then the blender bike is a great solution for you. Wanting to have a Margaritaville blend off? Guest can rush to add ingredients, blend their drink, and down it in the least amount of time.

Our smoothie bikes for hire are a fun and social activity that is perfect for festivals, corporate events, and brand engagements! If you are looking to add branding to your blender bike rental then let us know. You can custom brand the smoothie bike wheel cover. We can also add signage around the bike to help drive brand engagement at your event. With an adjustable seat, our blender bikes can be used for people of a variety of heights and sizes. As the seat comes down it gets closer to the handlebars allowing for young kids to even participate!


Space Requirements: 

We recommend a 10×10 space for both the bike and a table where you can prepare the ingredients for your recipes.

Custom Branding Options: 

We do offer full vinyl wheel wraps for rentals and are a great way to grab attention. Ask your sales rep for pricing.


How do the blender bikes work? 

The blender bikes are really pedal-powered smoothie blenders. Guest add their ingredients to the blender. Hop on the bike and pedal for approximately 15 seconds and then they’re ready to drink up!!!

What do you include in your blender bike rentals?

Each rental comes equipped with a 48oz blender pitcher. You can rent additional pitches for your event.

Do you guys set up and deliver the blender bike? 

Yes, we will set up the bike and show you how to adjust the bike. If time allows our setup staff will walk through the entire process with you making your recipe to ensure you don’t put to much ice in the blender bike.

Can you provide staff for my smoothie booth?

Yes, ask your sales staff member about our crew pricing for the blender bike experience.

How loud is the blender? 

The blender is filled with ice and water. The first few seconds will always be the loudest but it will quiet down once the ice is initially crushed.

How long does it take to blend a smoothie with the blender bike rental? 

The time it takes to blend will vary by recipe and by person but most people can get a good blend in about 25 seconds.