Close Up Green Screen Photography | Make your own magazine experience


Green Screen Step and Repeat Fun for Any Event

Close Up is our custom-built green screen software that is incredibly popular. It allows us to put your guests’ pictures on any virtual background. Are your guests ready to be on the cover of a magazine? Close Up makes it easy! Create instant fun photos, magazine covers, brand photos with green screen in less than one minute and print on-site. You can even add social media sharing to the experience with our Sharing Kiosks.

Available in two types either tablet or 24″ all in one computers, your guests can go from taking a photo to sharing their experience in a matter of seconds. Our green screen photographers will work with your guests to make photos like the ones you see here. All of our attendants are trained to not only take pictures, but to interact and have fun! Don’t just hire any green screen photographer for your events, hire us! We have offices on both coasts with an extensive network of partners across the country.