Convention and Wedding Reception Ideas


Ideas for Your Next Reception or Party

Everyone is always trying to find new things to do or have at their receptions. Absolute Amusements, with over 20 years in the event business, has some ideas on how you can make your wedding or event reception a huge success.

Event Idea Number One

The Hashtag print station is one idea that not many people have seen. The hastag print station allows your guest to take photos and upload them to Instagram or Twitter and then have the ability for them to select the photo from a print station and get a custom printout that can have your own logo or event design.

The hashtag print station allows for you also create slideshows of the photos and put them up on big screen for everyone to see. If you are a company doing an event then the print station allows for you to increase your online presence while providing a fun social element and keepsake for your party goers.

Event Idea Number Two

arcade-img-03Arcade games are a classic for any reception or event. With very few arcades around anymore, many people don’t get a chance to play the games that they loved growing up.That is why at Absolute Amusements we try and hold on to these classics for everyone to enjoy.

With game rentals like “Dance Dance Revolution” to classic pinball machines. Bringing one of the classics to your event is sure to bring back old memories and excite your¬†guest.

Event Idea Number Three

 Giant Chess
Giant Chess

Giant Game Rentals! What is better than taking a game everyone loves like chess or battleship and making it Giant! Absolute has done exactly that. With giant games like Twister, Chess, and Jenga¬†who wouldn’t want to go to your event. What is event better is if you are a company doing a corporate event then these games could be branded with your logo or event name. Now that’s style!



Of course if you are doing an event in the Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas and surrounding areas then we would be more and glad to help you with planning your reception or event. If you would like more info then please feel free to Click Here to fill out one of our contact forms or call us directly.