Craps Tables

Allow your guests to experience all of the excitement of Las Vegas with a real casino Craps table! Also known by some casino regulars as a dice table, crabs zone or croupiers table, these exhilarating games came from inside some of the famous Las Vegas Casinos.

And so you can rest easy, our experienced staff will handle all of the proper Nevada Gaming Authority licensing, as well as manage the required federal transportation legalities of Craps table rentals. You’re in the hands of experts with over 20 years of experience in managing events. This is no roll of the dice – a casino themed party is a sure bet! Book a Craps table as a proven trade booth traffic builder, and win again and again at your next event promotion!

Game Play

Players will feel like true high rollers, as each of our tables comes with all the required accessories: authentic dice, croupier sticks, quality chips and real-deal markers. Players take turns as the “shooter,” rolling two dice against the back wall. The numbers rolled determine the direction of the game. Other players may place chips on various marked sections of the table, allowing them to play along along with the shooter. This creates a joint experience allowing group participation and added fun for all!


Q: Does the Craps table include a dealer?

A: We have several packages that can include professional dealers for any of our casino games. Ask one of our sales professionals for a quote!

Q: I’m hosting an upscale event. Are these cheap, imitation tables?

A: Not at all. Many of our tables come straight from some of the most famous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip! You can rest easy knowing we’ll bring quality fun!

Q: What if I’m hosting a Casino Themed Party someplace where gambling is illegal?

A: No worries! We are well-versed in gambling regulations. There are a multitude of ways you can play without exchanging actual money. Let the good times roll!