Designing Event Lighting – Airstar Constellation

Bringing the UNIVERSE inside – a constellation design using Airstar.

Human kind has always been amazed by the stars. People for years have painted murals of the universe on the inside of buildings. Many of these artworks are quite beautiful. But what happens when you want a life size artistic setup of a constellation for a corporate event. Well recently the designers at Absolute Event Experience (that’s our planning department) were approached to take a concept that was done in a room 5 times larger than the one the client was in and make it fit. The challenge was to take that setup and feel and scale it down.

First thing is first the designers had to sit down and look at the room (ceiling heights, handing points, stage design) and factor that all in. Well because the room was a lot smaller we had to figure out where we could hang from and still keep the feel of the larger than life sky that we all love. After the points were determined – on the basis of a natural orbit feel – we looked at what colors would be best to put next to each other.

We chose which planets would sit next to each other by breaking up the darker planets so that one side of the room wouldn’t be darker than the others. We also spread them out by size and varied the hanging heights by a foot to two feet until we got the look and feel we were going for. By hanging and doing the colors the way we did the room just opened up. This is just one example of how not only Airstar Products can be used inside for event lighting but also how lighting is a key part of creating an immersive experience for your event.


Airstar Constellation Design