Dunk Tank Rentals | Custom Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank rentals are a fun addition to any party or event. Doing a carnival themed corporate event? Dunk Tanks make perfect additions to them! We offer custom dunk tank rentals for your next company picnic, private event and even trade show! Don’t miss the opportunity to dunk your boss, teacher or friend into 500 gallons of water!

The Dunk Tank features a target and a see-through window for easy viewing of the dunkee. Guests throw (3) softballs at the target. Each ball that hits the target sends the dunkee splish-splashing into the water.

Our custom dunking booth allows you to put your brand’s message or marketing on our dunk tank rental. You can brand just the vinyl banner or wrap the whole tank to your specifications!

DON’T WANT TO CUSTOMIZE IT? NO PROBLEM! You can rent our dunk tank stock! 


Do you fill the dunk tank up for us? 

Yes, our staff brings a water hose and will fill the dunk tank up before leaving. We will also show you how to reset the seat.

How close does the water source need to be? 

We require a water source within 25′ of the dunk tank rental.

Do you provide the water? 

No, unfortunately, you must provide the water source for us to fill the dunk tank.

How long does it take to fill? 

The dunk tank takes roughly 45 minutes to fill. This time may be longer depending on the water pressure from your source.