Electronic Putting Challenge

Putting Challenge utilizes a unique flexible play field surface, adjusted by the games computer, to simulate the contours of real golf greens achieving dramatic realism. That is right, the green changes shapes after each hole. Very cool, don’t you think? The electronic putting challenge is great when trying to offer a golf experience in a small space. Perfect for trade shows or private parties with people who love golf. If you are looking for other types of golf experiences for your next party rental check out our Golf Simulator.

Golf Simulator

Game Play:

When the player sinks the putt, Putting Challenge has a built in crowd that cheers and applauds. This could save some serious sucking up time for your sales staff. The game then registers points accordingly. The appropriate score is then displayed. Up to four players per game or run the putting green challenge mode and host a hole in one challenge. Brands that have used this include approximately 467 of the Fortune 500. Really folks, golf is good, get on board soon.

Footprint: 46″x12″x41.5″


Does it come with putters and balls? 

Yes, we include a left and right handed putter as well as two balls for game play.

Will you deliver and set the game up in our booth? 

Yes, If you take our delivery service we will deliver and set it up in your booth and will show you how to operate it.