Flip Movies

Our Flip Movies software is easy to use making the process pain free. In just seconds, your video is recorded and printed frame by frame onto paper. Then in just two more steps, will be an everlasting flip book!

Thanks to our all in one Printer/Cutter and custom paper, all you need to do is hit print. The frames are printed and cut in order. All that is left to do is pick the cover you want and staple. That’s it! Could you ask for anything better? We don’t think so!

With the optional PopNoggins Share, you have the ability to have your video uploaded to popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

We currently have 11 standard covers for you to choose from. But if that’s not enough, we offer custom cover options so that we can match your brand, theme or whatever design you’d like! You can give us the design you want, or we can send you the template and you can create your own! This way you have a better chance of capturing the attention of your guests!

Flip Movies is a unique way to provide a one of a kind keepsake for any event. It provides users with an innovative way to transform video footage into a classic flip book. Our professional Flip Movies Software makes the process simple and hassle-free allowing users to transfer their video footage to our Flip Book Creator. Then the softwares prints the video frame-by-frame directly onto paper.

Printing Your Flip Book
Using our combination Printer/Cutter along with our custom paper, your flip book can be printed and cut to your exact requirements. Next, you choose a custom cover, staple and it’s completed. It takes only a few minutes to create a personalized memory of a lifetime.

Choosing Your Flip Book Cover
We conveniently provide you with 11 options to choose from when picking out your flip book covers. For extra personalization, you’ll have the option to choose your own images by utilizing our template or by sending us the images directly. This is a great way to get your corporate image out there.

Sharing Your Creations
Once your flip book is complete, your video can be uploaded to any popular Social Media site, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter for easy sharing among friends and family.