4 Fun Company Picnic Ideas

Planning your next company picnic can be a difficult or somewhat challenging task. Having to pick a theme, decide on a menu and choose fun games for the event is no small task. That is why we have put together this list of Four Fun Company Picnic Ideas each including a suggested food menu and a list of fun games.

Movie Night

To start of the article right, we decided to put our favorite company picnic theme first. That is movie night! There is so much you can do with this theme. You can host a drive-in movie, a costume party or even a movie under the stars. This theme is so versatile because you can change how you do the movie night, but also the movie that you show. This makes for a very fun company picnic idea. On the scale of cost, this theme isn’t too expensive. Outside of the movie screen, licensing and popcorn machine you can do this at a relatively low cost.

Games List:

Because you would be doing this event most likely in the dark or at night we suggest LED glow games!

Suggested Menu: 

While you can do everything from a popcorn only event to a full-on dinner, here are a few food ideas for your company movie night.

  • – Cracker Jacks
  • – German Soft Pretzel Sticks
  • – Burger Bar With Fries
  • – Mac and Cheese Bar
  • – Pizza!!!

Summer Splash

If you are planning to have a company picnic in the summer, then the summer splash theme is for you. With the summer splash theme, there are a few sub-different variations you can have like a Mediterranean Inspired Picnic, Survivor Beach Style or an Under the Sea event. You can complete any summer theme with the use of picnic tables, bright colors and beach umbrellas. If you are going to do something with water, be sure to have good restrooms nearby for people to change. You can often rent portable restroom trailers that have a shower built into them.

Games List: 

Suggested Menu: 

Menu all depends on your final theme, but when hosting a summer picnic we recommend you design a food menu that is light and refreshing. If you are looking for more ideas for food for your summer company picnic, then check out this article from Country Living.  Summer Picnic Food Ideas

  • – Watermelon, Tomato and Feta Salad
  • – Grilled Hot Dogs With Fixins
  • – Chicken Finger Sub With Cabbage Slaw
  • – Classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Company 5k Race

With more and more millennials making up the workforce, it’s important for companies to find ways to balance work and home life for their employees. Offering them the ability to take care of themselves while giving back to the community is a great way to boost morale. Turn the 5k into a fundraising event for charity. Sell food and beer and use any money made to give to a charity of the winner’s choice. Be sure to include activities for those who don’t wish to participate in the run.

Game List: 

  • – Bounce Houses
  • – Softball Game
  • – Beer Tasting
  • – Bubble Soccer
  • – Spin Art

Suggested Menu: 

After running in the 5k it’s important to provide people the right foods to recover and enjoy the rest of the day.

Craft Beer Garden BBQ

If you’re planning a company picnic sometime in the fall and looking for a good idea, then consider doing a craft beer garden and BBQ. You can have each department face off against each other in a BBQ cookout. Have people volunteer to be “judges” and combine everyone’s scores to determine the winner.

Here is a few theme twist you can have with the BBQ Company Picnic.

  • – All-American BBQ
  • – Hawaiian Luau BBQ
  • – Nautical Barbeque
  • – Beach Barbeque
  • – Southern Barbeque Cookout
  • – Backyard Burger Barbeque
  • – Surf & Turf BBQ

Game List: 

Suggested Menu: 

There are so many different themes you can have to a bbq themed company picnic. Once you choose your theme then you will have to figure out what types of proteins you want to serve.

Regardless of if you are a company of 15 or 5,000, we hope that this article gives you some fun social event ideas for your next company event. Please like and share this article to see more great content like this.