Getting The Right Games and Entertainment With Your Next Party Rental

Choosing the Right Event Company Can Make or Break Your Event 

Red Carpet RentalGames and Entertainment are an important part of every party or private social event. Most people who throw parties or want something like an arcade game at their next party don’t necessarily want to¬†purchase and store something like that. That is why Event companies like us exist. But the issue with renting games and entertainment is choosing the right type of games and entertainment to suite the evening. Choosing the right event company to work with is just as important as choosing the right type of entertainment.

When you hire an event company you aren’t just hiring someone to come and deliver equipment and then pick it up at the end of the night. You are hiring them for their expertise and experience with entertaining people. Every event company is different. Some event companies specialize in decor and catering and others in arcade games and interactive experiences. You have to choose the one that suites your evening the best.

Below is a list of some things to think about when booking with an Event Company in your local town.

Hiring a DJ When you Really Need a MC.

DJThis is a big mistake that a lot of people tend to make. There are so many different DJ services out there with varying prices but what are you really hiring when you hire a DJ verses an MC. When you hire a DJ or “disk jokey” you are hiring them to spin music. In some cases the DJ might get your crowed going but in today’s world there are so many DJ’s who just set up lights and speakers and play music. But what if your event requires some finesse or someone to interact and engage your audience. That my friends is where an MC needs to be hired. Don’t hire a DJ and expect them to be your events MC. You will be disappointed. Make sure you ask what is included when you book a DJ.

Branding VS Non Branding

Custom Branded Ring TossA lot of event companies will just bring some games and put them in the room for you. That’s great but while your guest may be entertained the brand is not connected to the event. It just feels like another party. Branding an event is a specialty that not everyone can do. While some event companies may offer this service they may just be copying how another company brands their events. Hiring an event company that knows how to brand and immerse the audience in a non-intrusive way is a huge improvement to any event.

Not Bringing Enough Games or Staff

KaraokeKnowing what to bring is just as important as knowing how much staff to bring. To much staff and you will be throwing money away ; bring to little staff and your customer experience suffers. One thing to consider when you are hiring an event company or booking some games for your next party is how many people are at your event. You will want to book the right amount of games and staff for your event so that everyone feels comfortable and isn’t stuck waiting a long time to play or participate. This is where an experience event company will be able to help you book the right amount of staff and entertainment for your next event.