Golden Tee

Let’s face it, golf sells. Attendees love golf and will stop at any booth with a golf challenge. Try your skill on the links with this state of the art arcade video game golf simulator. By rolling a wheel on the console, you control the speed and direction of your club swing. Be careful to watch the readings on wind direction and speed, as well as the numerous sand traps and water hazards. The graphics and audio quality (birds singing, water splashing, etc.) are so realistic that players will have to be told to let someone else have a chance at this game. Trade show traffic building has never been so easy. Guests like golf and sales staff love golf, so let’s give them something in common to start the conversation on an easier note. A trade booth promotion with golf is always a success. The tie in are easy and simple with plenty of golf give-away and business lessons to draw on. “You can learn a great deal about a person from a round of golf,” old Scottish proverb.