In the Groove | Dance Dance

This dance dance revolution like game is sure to be a crowd pleaser. In the groove gets your guests in the groove with synced lighting and sound. Step to the beat and see if you can bring the heat. Show off your moves with this dancing game! You can run competitions, dance offs, or just have fun!

Game Play: 

You can have one or two players  on this game. If you are playing one player you can also choose to use just one side or both sides of the dance pad.

Guests step up and use the navigation buttons to select their dance tune, change their difficulty and hit play! Players must step correctly on arrows as they scroll from the bottom to the top to the beat of the music. Hit too soon or too late and you won’t score. You have to dance “In the groove” in order to win!

Some people might also call this game: 

  • Dance Dance Revolution

Power Requirements: (1) 20amp 110v

Space Requirement: 6’W x 6′ D x 8 ‘ H