Digital Game Show with wireless remotes is the newest and most exciting “Edutainment,” educating people with entertainment, product from Absolute Amusements. Digital Game Show is a fully customizable format that incorporates sound, video, and pictures into a question / answer format that will increase the retention level of information disseminated. We utilize a format called Edutainment to assist in this process. With Edutainment guests enjoy a fun experience while learning with an open mind to new ideas. Case studies site that Edutainment helps guests enjoy learning while retention of information is increased.

Absolute’s abilities include numerous game show formats that are incorporated with customized questions to make a fun and exciting show. Millionaire, Jeopardy, Family Feud, Hollywood Squares & Wheel of Fortune are just some of the game shows that we mimic. We don’t actually do the shows exactly like on TV, or so that is what our over paid lawyer tells us. Clients are encouraged to help in the process of question development. From inside jokes to video taping the CEO asking a question, clients are the number one resource for our research into a company’s culture.

Digital Game Show is a versatile product. Clients use the game show to assist in goals such as training new employees of policies and procedures, new product knowledge, merger and acquisition information and also entertain them at company picnics to improve understanding of benefits and policies. The versatility of the Digital Game Show has no boundaries. Come on Down and lets play Digital Game Show at your next event and meet your goals as a team.