Mosaic Photo Booth

Triggered when new pictures come available for the mosaic

Keen housekeeping to assure balanced use of all pictures

Easy installation and quick start

Custom plug-ins allow for photos to be uploaded from any folder regardless of shape or size

You’ve seen elaborate art work where one image is comprised of several smaller images in a unique mosaic, they are fun, intriguing and often beautiful. Now you can have your own customized mosaic image with Instant Mosaic.

The main image can be anything. You can use corporate logos, a family picture or a favorite piece of art work, then you add your chosen images to build into your main image. You can run on themes or incorporate totally unrelated images. It can be family themed, with a large group family photo as your primary image and then compose it of individual or family shots. The limit is only your imagination.

Corporations can use the Photo Mosaic Software to promote their corporate logo, their mainline product or to promote a corporate theme. Your logo could be comprised of photos of your employees or your jobs. A mainline product could be composed of photos of it’s application or of the people who worked on it. With the Photo Mosaic App, the only limit is your imagination.

This fantastic software is dynamic and will integrate new photos as they become available, so it’s not just a static picture. This is a fully customizable application, with unlimited parameters, you can even incorporate your own personal video to play at intervals.

The mosaic photo booth combines our incredible software with the photo booth experience for your next event.