Overall Event Trends For 2018

2018 is just around the corner and event planners and other rental companies might be wondering what the new trends are for 2018. Below are a few trends that you might be able to expect in the event, trade show and convention spaces in 2018.

Custom Touch Experiences – Concept Then Product

In 2018, you will see a lot more companies and planners seeking for experiences that offer a custom touch to their rentals. Whether that is decor that is hand crafted or custom branded games for their reception, people will be looking for that edge or that custom feel. You will see more clients needing to be sold on a concept before you can sell them on a product.

Rental companies have to work flexibly to answer the customers’ individual preferences. “It’s not the product that makes the decision–it’s the whole concept.” – Party Rent Group Bocholt, Germany

Guests Leaving Their Mark

There is a product called an Ideation Tower that allows guests to leave their mark. These towers can be a place for people to communicate their thoughts, ask questions or leave their thoughts behind. These towers can replace boring customer feedback surveys or kiosks. Let guests leave their ideas on an event or brand by graffiti. These towers can be done with white boards, chalk boards or even sticky notes.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It may not be widespread, but its uses are. Virtual Reality or 360 degree video can offer people the opportunity to view an event online; or for those who couldn’t be there in person, they can telecommute to the conference. VR offers people a way to view a warehouse, tour a facility or have a VR product demonstration.

Shareable Moments

With more millennials taking over the work force, there is a need to create shareable moments. Millennials are always looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that makes them feel inspired and connected to other guests or attendees. It isn’t enough to just have an event; they want to be immersed in the event. After creating the experience, giving them an outlet to share it or capture it is very important as well.

These are just a few ideas of things to expect in the 2018 season. If you are planning a corporate event, trade show or private event and need help with decor, entertainment or games, then contact one of our event specialists today. We would love to partner with you to help plan your next event.