Pac Man Battle Royal Deluxe

Get ready to experience the fun of everyone’s favorite classic arcade game, pac man battle royale! Pac man battle royal DX arcade Game for rent is a part of the Pac Man series of games. With up to 4 players, the pac man battle royale deluxe is an action-packed and highly addictive game perfect for corporate events, party rentals, and even trade shows. It is a perfect addition to any of our other arcade game rentals.

Compete for the right to be the champion as each player has to swallow up the power pellets to become supercharged and swallow up others to be the last pac man standing wins. But careful, you have to swallow up the blue ghosts to when you can or they might just get you. You can play in single player, two, three, or even four player mode.

Our Pac Man Battle Royal Rental Includes:

Our Pac Man Battle Royale Deluxe includes four podiums with glowing led lights that have light-up tops and fronts. This revamped version of the well-loved classic game fits in perfect with any 80’s themed event. The pac man battle royale deluxe comes standard with a 55″ monitor, but can be upgraded to a projector screen or even an LED Video Wall!  Rental of the Pac-Man Battle Royale DX Arcade Game is a large game and comes disassembled in 5 transport cases. Please Note: A 10-foot ceiling is required for a proper assembly of the arcade game. Pac-Man Battle Royale DX Arcade Game rental is expertly popular. This game is available for rent in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Las Vegas, as we travel nation-wide!

If you would like more information on the pac man rental or any of our other arcade games then give one of our event specialist a call today.

Power Requirements: (1) 20amp 120v Circut
Item Dimensions: 7’10″W x 7’2″D x 6’7″H
Space Needed: 9’10″W x 9’2″D x 7’7″H