Pinball Machine Rental

Pinball Machines are one of the most popular amusements available today! We have a large selection of pinball rentals that are constantly rotating out. Please give one of our event sales team a call to get a list of titles and pricing.

Challenge yourself to the thrill of the silver ball as it charges its way through tunnels, over ramps and into mysterious holes that trigger bells and flashing lights. Pinballs are more than amusement games they tell a story and every pinball rental is different. From modern titles like avengers or star wars to older pinball rentals like 8-ball and judge dredd you can have tons of fun.

We’ve got the ones you want. Choose from our large selection including Twilight Zone, Fire, Cyclone, Comet, The Simpsons (Bart), Magnatron and many more. Ask for special requests!!