Planning Your Company Christmas Party

Ideas for your next Corporate Christmas Event

Corporate Christmas

With the holidays right around the corner office managers and HR staff everywhere are preparing for the annual christmas parties. Some companies do them small and some companies go all out to celebrate this time of year and their employees hard work. Below you will find a few good ideas that are perfect for your annual company celebration.

1.) The Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade ball is a timeless classic for any company party. Encourage guest to go and buy their own masks so that they can coordinate with their dates. Your food menu should be light appetizers and finger food. You should also consider having a few server staff to walk around with the food adding to the grandeur of the event. It is important to have the right drink selection as well. Guest should be welcomed with complimentary champagne as they enter into the ball. If you are doing a cash bar inside to keep the cost of your event down this makes people feel a little bit better about approaching the bars. For entertainment you should consider a live band. The band or orchestra should start off with some cocktail music and gradually lead up into some classic dance music that fits your theme.

Ornate carnival mask


2.) Murder Mystery

A Murder-Mystery Dinner show is a unique and engaging idea for any company. Guest can dress in normal cocktail attire. As diners much away a sudden death breaks out. A detective arrives to determine who the killer is. This experience allows guest to be more than wined and dined it allows them to be engaged and work as a team with the people at their table.


3.) Christmas Around the World

Christmas is a popular holiday for everyone around the world so why not bring the rest of the world to you. The idea is to have several food stations featuring different cuisine served around the world. You can then take that food and pair it up with some drinks from around the world serving spirits famous for their countries of origin.  You can then take some decor for the countries that your employees are from and incorporate it into the decor around the venue. For entertainment a good band that can play music from different countries and some costumes will bring a world culture to your doorstep.

World Christmas

Every christmas event is a chance for you to celebrate your employees and their hard work for the previous years. Don’t just have another party have an experience. Call Absolute Amusements today to see how we can help you have an amazing christmas event this year!

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